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NO address? NO shipping
Today you cannot ship a product without a delivery address

Ship2MyID enables shipping to any mobile#, email or Social ID

We love to have 10,000 followers in Twitter.
In real life, we don’t want any one to follow us

Ship2MyID takes care of your PRIVACY by providing 100% control on what comes to your home and from whom

50% of world population do not have proper addresses.

Ship2MyID can deliver packages to any location with or without an existing address by leveraging GIS.

30 % Of Millennials change homes every year.

Ship2MyID allows packages to follow the user. Your package will be delivered to your new location.

“Addressing” is at the core of work done at the UPU. Building on top of any national addressing infrastructure, Ship2MyID’s approach is a very relevant, as it facilitates enhancements  by supplementing online capabilities to addressing infrastructures, such as, “An address for everyone”, “Postal items to follow consumers”. It is based on widely deployed technology, which every potential consumer carries – the mobile devices. It is also a good example for creating alternative revenue streams for postal organizations.

Walter Trezek

Chairman of the UPU Consultative Committee, Universal Postal Union


Physical address have limitations

We replace physical addresses with digital IDs


New transactions never before possible


Physical address have limitations

We replace physical addresses with digital identities


New transactions never before possible

Sharing addresses leads to concerns for consumers

about privacy, safety and unsolicited junk mail


Convenient.  Private. Secure.

Ship2myID allows anyone to ship and receive anything using an email, social login, cell phone number

Ship anything to your digital contacts without a physical address.


Addresses are never sold or shared with other users

100% control over what you receive, from whom, where and when.


Removing challenges related  to integrating physical addresses unlocks opportunities

Create new transactions and revenue streams that were not possible before

Reduce wasted resources and eliminate losses related to incorrect or outdated info

Gain deeper insights into customers. their connections and opt-in preferences


Want to know more?  Check out our video library to learn about the about benefits of using Ship2myID