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Supercharge your sampling programs with our patented "Gift a Sample" technology

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The limitations of physical addresses translate to lost transactions in digital commerce

Significant Waste

30% of existing subscribers change addresses every year


Lacks Measurement & Attribution

25% of samples reach the wrong hands


No ability to understand and leverage customers’ opt-in preferences and relevant relationships

Our patented “Gift A Sample” technology replaces physical addresses with digital identities to allow brands and CPGs to tap into consumers’ networks and relevant relationships

Consumers have concerns

Apprehensive to share their addresses for fear of being inundated with unwanted junk mail

Digital IDs remove consumers' concerns

about privacy and unwanted junk mail while making it easier to gift samples to friends and family

Real Value. Richer Engagement. Lower Cost of Acquisition

We track and deliver detailed analytics and insights on interested customers and future opportunities.

Improved Targeting

Verified age, gender, geography and opt-in preferences

Expand Audience

Leverage users’ relevant, and trusted, relationships

Validated Insights

Detailed analytics on users, their preferences, their influence and who your best ambassadors are

New & Improved Transactions

Omnichannel approach for up-selling and cross-selling to every user

Transform a sampling customer into a brand ambassador

By making it easy to send samples to friends, family and colleagues with one click — no address needed.

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