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The future of gifting is powered by Ship2myID

Create new and deeper transactions with our
“Gift Now”
technology by allowing anyone to easily send a gift to one or more friends at checkout without needing to know or enter the recipient’s physical address.

New Transactions

That were not possible before can now lead to strong prospects and future customers

Extend Gifting Ability by more than 50X

and harness the power of social commerce while developing brand loyalty through a differentiated offering.


Faster. Easier. Friendlier.

Make the process of gifting easier and more meaningful by allowing friends to send personal gifts without the awkwardness of having to ask for your address.

Most aspects of commerce have shifted to mobile & social..





but not shipping and receiving gifts…until now

Physical addresses can be an obstacle to gifting

No address is stored in the contacts,  Asking for an address, or typing it in is an inconvenience

Ship2myID lets you send gifts to anyone

No Address?  No Time?  No Worries! Simply enter a social ID, mobile number or email address

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Tap into our 1mm+ customer database.


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