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New Opportunities, Never Possible Before, Powered by Patented Technology

Ship your package with Ship2MyID

Ship your package with Ship2MyID to your friends and family, without entering the shipping address.

Send your package or shipment to anyone without needing their address.
All you need is either their cell #, Email or Facebook
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Ship2myID allows anyone to ship and receive anything using a digital ID instead of a physical address


Email Addresses

Cell Phone Numbers

Social Accounts

The limitations of physical addresses lead to lost and missed shipping opportunities



Currently unable to ship to digital relationships stored on mobile (less than 2% of contacts have physical addresses)

High rate of address change leads to lost packages

Failed deliveries and stolen packages when recipients are unavailable


Not having a recipient’s address is a barrier to shipping

Asking for, and sharing, addresses leads to privacy concerns

Relationships are stored digitally and socially

Unique capabilities powered by patented technology deliver real benefits

Allowing users to ship with Digital ID increases potential by 50X or more. Our technology is the only one available in the marketplace to provide such opportunities.

New Business

Create new transactions and revenue streams that were not previously possible

Protect Business

Leverage users’ relevant, and trusted, relationships

Improving Accuracy

No more lost packages due to incorrect or outdated address information

Mail Management

Total control of delivery with ability to forward, store or refuse any packages

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