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Addressing” is at the core of work done at the UPU. Building on top of any national addressing infrastructure, Ship2MyID’s approach is a very relevant, as it facilitates enhancements by supplementing online capabilities to addressing infrastructures, such as, “An address for everyone”, “Postal items to follow consumers”. It is based on widely deployed technology, which every potential consumer carries – the mobile devices. It is also a good example for creating alternative revenue streams for postal organizations.
Walter Trezek
Chairman of the UPU Consultative Committee, Universal Postal Union

Challenges with Addresses

Addressing the challenge of establishing a globally accepted and portable standard is exceptionally difficult due to the diverse factors involved: a global population of 8.1 billion, 2.2 billion residences, over 100 languages, and more than 50 addressing formats. The complexity is further heightened by the fact that over 30% of the urban population relocates once every three years. Ship2MyID seeks to tackle this addressing dilemma by empowering Postal Operators. The goal is to facilitate citizens in creating personalized, lifelong digital IDs that seamlessly integrate both address and identity elements on a global level.

Social media Marketing is Failing

Despite merchants investing billions in daily social engagement, the <0.01% conversion rates underscore its limitations. Traditional social marketing also grapples with data privacy challenges, leading to billions of dollars in penalties. Ship2MyID aims to revolutionize this landscape with its patented platform, giving businesses the power to connect with ready-to-buy consumers directly. Simultaneously, it allows consumers to effortlessly receive what they want, when they want and from whom

Sending Gifts without Needing Recipient's Address

The act of gifting fosters genuine connections among people. In a world where consumers often have over 1000 digital contacts, encompassing various social IDs, the challenge lies in lacking updated mailing addresses. Ship2MyID addresses this hurdle by enabling the seamless sending of gifts to digital contacts. This is achieved through the utilization of Digital IDs, email addresses, and cell phone numbers, eliminating the need for the recipient’s physical address.

Direct Brands to Consumer Delivery

Marketplaces yield billions in profits. Ship2MyID aims to create the world’s largest Direct to Consumer Commerce by cutting out intermediaries and collaborating with post offices globally. This enables brands to enhance margins, connect directly with consumers, and offer them best deals.