Direct Digital Marketing​

“Direct marketing serves as the guiding force, employing personalized strategies and targeted campaigns to seamlessly connect consumers with the discovery of new and relevant products. 

World's largest Verified Consumer Data-hub

Direct marketing is crucial for businesses as it enables targeted and personalized communication with specific audiences, ensuring that promotional messages resonate with the right individuals. This approach not only allows for cost-effective outreach to niche markets but also facilitates the tailoring of messages based on individual preferences and demographics. The measurable nature of direct marketing provides businesses with valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing for data-driven adjustments and improvements. Moreover, the immediacy of direct marketing prompts swift responses, making it particularly effective for time-sensitive promotions. By fostering direct and personalized connections with customers, direct marketing contributes to relationship-building, customer loyalty, and the overall enhancement of brand awareness. Its flexibility, customization capabilities, and ability to generate immediate responses make direct marketing an indispensable component of a comprehensive marketing strategy, empowering businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of customer engagement and drive tangible results.

Opportunity to disrupt $700 B of Direct Marketing​

The addressable market is poised to grow to $ 1 Trillion by 2028​

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Consumer Journey of ecommerce can broadly be described in two steps​

Product Discovery – What to Buy?​

Product discovery is the dynamic process of consumers exploring and finding new products that align with their needs, preferences, interests & budgets

Product Purchase – Where to buy from?​

Once a product is identified several aspects determine where to buy from like – Price & Discounts, Shipping Costs, Delivery Times, Reputation, Customer Service, return policies, User ratings etc

Navigating the landscape of social media marketing poses significant challenges, with poor conversion rates standing as a prominent hurdle. Despite substantial investments, businesses often struggle to translate engagement into meaningful conversions. Additionally, the pervasive risk of data privacy violations looms large, necessitating a delicate balance between effective marketing strategies and safeguarding user information. Tackling these challenges requires innovative solutions that bridge the gap between engagement and conversion while prioritizing the security and privacy of user data.

Introducing Ship2MyID’s
My Universal Deals APP​

My Universal Deals APP

Ship2MyID will engage with National Postal Operators and offer a dedicated Mobile app for each country. 

  • Exclusive app to get personalized deals for each consumer in their respective country
  • Empowered Consumer – They choose what they want, from whom and When
  • NO data is ever sold or shared with 3rd parties
  • Downloadable Via Apple & Google Store
  • This will lead to create country’s largest consumer data hub