Cross Border Ecommerce​

Cross Border transaction value has crossed over a Trillion dollars and poised to be 7 Trillion by 2028. 

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Cross Border Ecommerce​

Cross-border commerce serves as a strategic imperative for businesses aspiring to thrive in a global economy. By transcending geographical boundaries, companies can access untapped markets, diversify their customer base, and reduce reliance on specific regions. This expansion not only drives revenue growth but also fosters economic resilience by mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations. Embracing cross-border opportunities is a catalyst for innovation, cultural exchange, and the establishment of robust, interconnected networks. 

In an era of digital connectivity, the importance of cross-border commerce lies in its ability to unlock new avenues for businesses, facilitating sustained growth and relevance in the dynamic landscape of international trade.

For consumers, they get access to international products by touch of a button. 

Top Challenges of Cross Border Ecommerce – 

  • Upfront Clarity & Visibility of Customs & Duties costs
  • Options of Low-cost & expedited shipping
  • Merchants needs to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Lack of verified identity & addresses makes it averse to frauds
  • Lack of Customer trust & Confidence, especially buying from unknown merchants
  • Varied addressing formats and languages
  • High cost of Returns & delayed refunds
  • Highly interoperable technology infrastructure
  • Data shielding and Data privacy

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