About Us

Welcome to Ship2MyID – Where Innovation Reshapes the Way We Transact

Our Vision

To create a global ecosystem where brands, Retailers, consumers, and postal operators collaborate seamlessly to build meaningful connections, fuel economic growth, and protect digital privacy.

Our Story

Ship2MyID was born out of the expectations of a seven-year old millennial kid waiting on the shipment of his tablet. He received an email about the shipment while he was in Virginia, but the tablet shipped to his home address in California. He pondered: If email can find me in Virginia why can’t my shipment come there too?

Our Approach

Making life simpler & easy by Questioning the status quo.

At Ship2MyID, we are fervent believers in challenging the status quo, making the complex simple, and harnessing innovation to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Let’s start by reimagining the very foundation of a “Transaction.” Today, every transaction hinges on an address or an identity, but these elements could be more flawless.

By harnessing our worldwide patents, we are introducing groundbreaking paradigm shifts aimed at establishing a secure, consumer-centric global environment.

Some of these shifts are

  • A unique lifetime Digital ID for every citizen to replace identity, addresses & manage their own privacy 
  • Moving from a seller driven marketing campaigns to consumer led will empower 10X higher conversion compared to traditional social channels and provides 100 % Data Privacy compliance for consumers & retailers.
  • Replacing Personally identifiable information by Demographic information to eliminate any privacy risks.
  • Creating a large integrated Marketplaces for postal operators to boost ecommerce business
  • Enabling Postal Operators to become leading custodian of consumer data hub will enable digital transformation of their countries and create newer revenue streams
  • Connecting global brands and retailers to worldwide consumers with intent to BUY NOW leveraging Ship2MyID Direct to consumer engagement platform

Our Promise to You​

At Ship2MyID, we are not just redefining transactions; we are reshaping the way individuals and businesses connect and interact. Join us in our journey to reimagine the very foundations of commerce, bringing forth a world where innovation empowers us all.

Welcome to a future where transactions are simpler, identities are more secure, and possibilities are endless

Our Leadership Team

Become a Partner

For Postal Operators: Transform your postal services to a whole new level through collaboration with Ship2myID. Leveraging our multi-patented technology platform, you can position yourself as the foremost data hub within your country. Our partnership empowers you to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions encompassing digital addressing, direct marketing, direct-to-consumer engagement, and the creation of previously unexplored revenue streams. We pledge to provide secure, streamlined, and captivating services, all while upholding the most stringent data privacy standards. Embrace the digital postal revolution today and chart a path to a brighter future. Reach 

Retailer, Brands or manufacturers: Unlock the potential to connect with a verified consumer base – individuals with confirmed identities and addresses – who are actively seeking your products at this very moment. Embrace the future of direct-to-consumer marketing and engagement by harnessing the power of Ship2MyID’s cutting-edge, multi-patented platform. Our secure communication channels empower you to run personalized campaigns that effortlessly reach your “intent to BUY-NOW” audience, all while safeguarding data privacy. Delve into the possibilities of partnering with Ship2MyID today and get greater than 10 X return of your marketing dollars. 

Regional Merchants and businesses Integration:  Local merchants are the heart of thriving communities. Ship2myID enables local businesses to leverage direct-to-consumer marketing and connect with their audience more effectively. Our platform ensures consumers receive relevant offers while safeguarding their data privacy, fostering the growth of local merchants in the digital age. Discover how Ship2myID empowers local businesses and even boost cross border business

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