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Gifting - Strengthening Bonds, One Thoughtful Gesture at a Time

In today’s interconnected world, gifting plays a pivotal role in nurturing both social and professional relationships. It serves as a tangible expression of appreciation, gratitude, and goodwill, transcending digital interactions. Meaningful gifts create lasting impressions, fostering camaraderie and loyalty. Gifting not only celebrates special occasions but also establishes a thoughtful connection, vital for maintaining interpersonal bonds. The significance of gifting is further underscored by the booming gifting industry, valued at approximately $2 billion, reflecting the widespread acknowledgment of its importance in personal and business relationships, where gestures of generosity contribute to the vitality and longevity of connections.

Despite the acknowledged significance of gifting in fostering social and professional relationships, the ease of sending gifts remains a challenge. In today’s fast-paced world, the hurdle lies in the difficulty of obtaining recipients’ addresses. The hesitation or even embarrassment associated with asking for addresses can prove to be a substantial barrier, hindering the seamless execution of thoughtful gestures. This challenge underscores the need for innovative solutions that transcend the limitations posed by address-related constraints, ensuring that the intent behind gifting is never compromised by logistical hurdles.

Challenges in Gifting

  • Asking address is considered creepy & intrusive
  • Frequent Change of Residences
  • Globalized Friendships
  • Different address formats
  • Not having recipient’s address is a showstopper

Benefit's of Ship2MyID

  • The recipient’s address remains confidential
  • No need of address as both parties are digitally connected
  • Digital IDs are permanent independent of address changes
  • Every global friend also has their unique Digital address
  • Consumers can effortlessly send gifts to all their digital contacts

Send gifts to recipient’s cell #, email or their Digital ID

Ship2MyID will establish a Gifting Market place in each country.

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